MYSTERY Beauty Box The Box Company

MYSTERY Beauty Box

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The Ultimate Men's Legacy Subscription Box The BoxCompany

The Ultimate Men's Legacy Subscription Box

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Super Socks Subscription Box The BoxCompany

Super Socks Subscription Box

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Sep 07, 2022

Amazing idea, All i want in one place.. Thanks the box team


10 stars

Sep 06, 2022

You guys are different and I like different. We are all supporting you. ان شا الله. I would highly recommend this subscription box. I wait each month for my surprise of happiness. The customer support is something else, they answer me at anytime anywhere, weekend or not these guys don’t sleep. Also my favorite beauty store. All originals. This message is from someone who has a beauty, socks and mens box each month. They didn’t pay me or anything to write this I’m doing it because they deserve it.


The only real beauty box in egypt

Aug 30, 2022

I’ve been waiting so long for this. I tried all the other beauty boxes in egypt and honestly this is the first REAL one. They actually send products from brands I use and every month I try new products also. The team are so attentive and I’m so happy someone finally got this concept to Egypt. I also love their beauty store soooo much. Premium original products for the best prices. Bravo, chapeau.



Aug 27, 2022

Amazing boxes each month


جيد جدا

Aug 26, 2022

حلو اوي اوي❤️


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The Box Company is the first company to offer a full range of unique subscription boxes in Egypt. The Box Company drives innovation and technology to build the most unique customer experiences for you. We team up with experts of each industry. It’s Simple, browse the latest products and subscribe to earn up to 50% OFF