Who Are We?

The Box Company is the first company to offer a full range of unique subscription boxes in Egypt. The Box Company drives innovation and technology to build the most unique customer experiences for you. We team up with experts of each industry. It’s Simple, browse the latest products and subscribe to earn up to 50% OFF


The Beauty Box

Stay up to date and earn DISCOUNTS of up to 50% OFF on the latest beauty products from around the world, subscribe to our box and discover beautiful surprises.

Men's Grooming

Not sure what products you need to keep your skin, face, and hair in shape? Leave the research to us, we do all the work for you. Explore our wide range of men’s grooming products and have them delivered to your doorstep.


We work with the finest threads and materials in the world to give you the most premium socks range out there. Our Socks store will allow you to experience the most premium experience right at your doorstep.


Salt or sweet? The choice is yours! If you are a candy or snack lover, sign up to get a box full of exclusive premium goodies from all over the world, earning DISCOUNTS of up too 50% OFF.

What We Can Do For You

Offering monthly subscription boxes is a proven business concept around the world. We work with brands you love to get you exactly what you need hassle free.

We are strong believers that brands need to have more of a connection with their customers because let’s face it without loyal customers brands mean nothing. Here at The Box Company we want to build a strong community that allows you to have the most unique and personalized customer experience. Offering you the brands you love at up to 50% OFF!

We want to revolutionize the way our customers shop online and give them an unmatched experience.

Like we believe in a unique customer experience, we want our partner brands to create an even stronger bond with their loyal customers. We strongly believe that a shopping experience shouldn’t end at the checkout counter and here at The Box Company we aim to revolutionize that.

We want our partner brands to get even closer to their customers and reach new ones.

Are you a vendor? Become our partner