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Now you can get glammed up, bronzed, and gorgeous with BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER LITE.


WHAT IT IS: Introducing BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER LITE, an award-winning, silky-soft powder bronzer with a natural-looking matte finish. This all-in-one matte bronzer provides you with a dose of warmth for a customizable, sun-kissed look. This must-have bronzer comes in four shades – Hoola, Hoola Lite, Hoola Toasted, and Hoola Caramel – so you can find the perfect tone to suit your skin tone. Enjoy long-lasting color and definition with BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER LITE. Keep your glow all day and all night. Add a bit of warmth and definition to your makeup routine with this easy-to-use, full-size bronzer. 



  1. Sprinkle a fine layer of powder over the cheekbones, forehead, sides of the nose, and jawline for an immediate, natural-looking tan.
  2. To define your features on an everyday basis, simply blend products under your cheekbones, your hairline, and your jawline. This is an easy way to sculpt your contour.
  3. Apply to eyelids to achieve a radiant look.