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Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Sheet Mask

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Say goodbye to puffy Weary eyes with our incredible under-eye patches!


Soap & Glory's PUFFEASE technology (a tripeptide to reduce puffiness) and natural ingredients like cucumber fruit juice and liquorice root extract will transform your eyes. Smoothen, revive, lighten and nourish your skin while you rest and recharge. This eye-mazing product will leave your eyes looking wide awake.


Ensure your skin is sparkling clean and delightfully dry before you get started. Open the foil and take away the thin film. Pop the jelly patch below the eye area. Peel off the second thin film and lightly pat it in, letting the jelly juice sink into your skin. Chill out and relax for 20-30 minutes. To take it off, carefully remove it. Rub in any jelly that's left to help it sink in. No need to wash your face afterwards.


- Eyes looking wide awake.
- Reduction in puffy eyes.
- Brighter complexion.