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Are you looking for a soap that will energize and cleanse your skin? Look no further than SheaMoisture's Fruit Fusion Coconut Soap!


WHAT IT IS: This hydrating bar soap is perfect for anyone with dry, dull skin. Made with certified organic shea butter and coconut water, this soap will moisturize and nourish your skin. But that's not all. Our proprietary blend of dragon fruit, lychee berry, and green apple extracts will also help to recharge tired-looking skin. And with Imbe Oil to protect and aloe to promote a healthy glow, you're sure to love the way your skin looks and feels after using this soap. So why wait? Just lather up with SheaMoisture's Fruit Fusion Coconut Soap and let its delicious fragrance envelop you as it works its magic on your skin. You'll love the results, and your skin will thank you!



  • Revitalizes and purifies lackluster skin with energizing properties.
  • Moisturizes nourishes & recharges.
  • Promotes a healthy glow.