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PUREDERM Exfoliating Foot Mask

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Get your PUREDERM FOOT MASK today and start pampering your feet!


WHAT IT IS: Introducing the PUREDERM FOOT MASK! This amazing foot mask is perfect for anyone looking to revitalize their tired feet. The exfoliating foot mask not only peels away calluses but removes dead skin cells too. Packed with natural ingredients like Papaya extract and Chamomile extract, this product is sure to make your feet look and feel amazing. Let the foot mask take care of your feet in the comfort of your own home. You will be amazed at the difference! In no time, your feet will be softer and smoother than ever before. 



  1. Using scissors cut open the package along the dotted line
  2. Thoroughly cleanse your feet and wear the masks
  3. Remove after 60 to 90 minutes and rinse off with water.
  4. Calluses start peeling off in 4 to 7 days after use



  • Peels calluses and removes it totally
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Softer and smoother feet