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Its Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet

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Revitalize and brighten your skin with the rejuvenating power of Its Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet!


WHAT IT IS: Experience naturally flowing, revitalized skin with It'S Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet. In just a few minutes, the unique design and multi-porous air layers of this sheet mask deliver a serum that visibly improves and nourishes tired complexions. Featuring a core of Pomegranate Extract, as well as Carrageenan for repair and protection, this mask also has a detoxifying effect, keeping skin moisturized and free of impurities. Plus, the gentle botanical and fruit extract formula ensures safe and effective application each time.


HOW TO APPLY: Transform your pre-cleansed and toned face with It'S Skin The Fresh Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet Pomegranate. Leave the nourishing essence to soak in for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing it to rejuvenate and invigorate your skin. As the mask dries, keep it away from your eyes and when it's finished, gently remove without rinsing for maximum results!



  • Experience the power of antioxidants with Its Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet! Revitalize your skin and shield it from harsh environmental factors with this must-have product.
  • Experience a velvety, silky feel with this powerful emulsifier. Its unique water-binding properties intensely hydrate and retain moisture on your entire face. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to supple, glowing skin!
  • Experience a more youthful look with Its Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet! This powerful mask not only fights skin damage, but also evens out pigmentation and delicately cleanses your complexion. Trust in the power of pomegranate to revitalize your skin. 
  • Experience the powerful benefits of anti-inflammatory and skin brightening properties with It's Skin Pomegranate Clean & Vitality Mask Sheet. This sheet mask helps unify skin tone by inhibiting melanin synthesis, leaving your skin refreshed, bright, and radiant.
  • This mask sheet is packed with a powerful combination of UV protectants and anti-inflammatory agents that effectively soothe congested skin. Not only that, it also provides a protective shield against external stressors.