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Get ready for lashes that are amped up and stay lifted all day long with this amazing mascara! It's like giving your lashes a push-up bra but for your eyes!


WHAT IT IS: This mascara is like a personal trainer for your lashes, giving them a lift that lasts all day long! Its dense, luxurious formula guarantees maximum pigment coverage, delivering bold color that lasts. The tapered brush evenly coats each lash, ensuring smudge-free, waterproof eye perfection. Choose from vibrant shades, including the groundbreaking "blackest blue" that wakes up your eyes and makes them look even brighter. Plus, it's free of parabens!



  1. Apply this mascara with a gentle roll of the brush from root to tip, ensuring an even coat on your lashes.
  2. For maximum lash boosting effect, wait 30 seconds and repeat with a second application.
  3. End with a light zig-zag motion of the brush across your lashes to achieve the illusion of full, luxurious falsies!


  • Experience the ultimate lash boost with our rich formula, ensuring maximum pigment for full, long-lasting color.
  • Brush your lashes with our cone-shaped wand to achieve flawless, waterproof definition without any pesky smudges!