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O2 Heartleaf Bubble Wash Off Mask Pack 120 gm

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Remove All Those Impurities!  


WHAT IT IS: Banishes pore filth using 50,000ppm of Houttuynia cordata, while Camellia sinensis calms and cares for the skin. With its powerful bubble action, it can roll at least twice with sturdy oxygen bubbles, giving you a facial mask that tackles sebum and skin concerns.


HOW TO APPLY: Spread a thin (1.5mm) layer of the product on your dry face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Fun tip: Watch out for bubbles at the entrance and simply wipe them off with a dry hand or towel after use for a clean mask!



  • No more aged dead skin cells
  • No More Blackheads
  • Smooth Skin
  • Soothes Skin