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Medi Peel Cell Toxing Repair Eye Cream 30 ML

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Trust us, your skin will thank you (and so will your dermajours)!


WHAT IT IS: Get ready to revitalize the sensitive skin around your eyes with MEDI-PEEL's Cell Toxing Dermajours Repair Eye Cream! Bursting with powerful plant extracts, this top-notch eye cream will re-energize and refresh your skin. Say farewell to dull, exhausted eyes and welcome a lively and rejuvenated appearance.


HOW TO APPLY: Apply around the eye area.



  • Revitalize skin with plant stem cell technology.
  • Infuse skin with targeted nutrients.
  • An eye cream with 5 patented ingredients
  • A skincare solution for dull, sagging skin without elasticity
  • Has a milky white cream texture