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Magic Dust Mask + Brow Soap + Pouch

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Enhance your gifting game with this pair of TRACE magical products and their charming pouch this Valentine's!


WHAT IT IS:  Transform your skin care game this Valentine's Day with our magical combo - Magic Dust Mask, Brow Soap, and a stylish pouch. Your lucky lady's skin will thank you for that glow!



  • Magic Dust Mask: In a bowl, mix around 2 teaspoons of clay with the same amount of water or yogurt to boost hydration. After cleansing your skin, use your fingertips or a brush to apply the paste, ensuring that all areas except for the sensitive areas near your eyes and mouth are covered. Leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the paste to dry. Rinse off completely with warm water. Repeat weekly, 1-2 times.
  • Brow Soap: To activate the included Brow Soap, begin by applying a Trace Mist of your choice using the provided spray bottle. Next, use the spoolie to gently blend the balm within the container until a paste-like consistency is achieved. Apply the Brow Soap to your eyebrows as desired to achieve the intended effect and hold. Remember to clean the area around your brows to prevent irritation, and clean the spoolie after each use.



  • Magic Dust Mask: This product's formula is suitable for all skin types, from Normal to Oily. It expertly removes blemishes regardless of your skin type. Whether you struggle with acne, whiteheads, blackheads, enlarged pores, blemishes, dullness, or uneven skin texture, this product is the perfect solution for you.
  • Brow Soap: Learn the most efficient and rapid technique for elevating your eyebrow game. Whether you desire a soft, feathered look or a precise, well-groomed appearance, our Brow soap is engineered to provide lasting effects. With its powerful grip, your eyebrows will stay in position, guaranteeing a natural facade that lasts all day long.