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Living Proof Fullness + Volume Mini Transformation Kit

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Say hello to gorgeous hair that is full of life and vitality.


WHAT IT IS: Introducing the Living Proof Fullness + Volume mini Transformation Kit, your secret weapon to say farewell to flat hair and embrace gorgeous, voluminous locks! This must-have hair care set is designed to give your hair an instant shot of volume, making it look and feel naturally full and thick. Say goodbye to those pesky bad hair days and step into the world of luxurious volume with our powerful kit. Each product in this hair care collection is specially formulated to create a noticeable transformation. This advanced formula works from root to tip, giving your hair a noticeable boost in fullness and volume. With the Living Proof Fullness + Volume mini Transformation Kit, you can achieve the bouncy, voluminous hair of your dreams. Whether you have thin or fine hair, this kit will provide that much-needed lift without weighing your hair down. Don't settle for flat and lifeless hair any longer. Try our mini Transformation Kit today and experience the incredible difference for yourself.



  1. Full Shampoo + Conditioner 30ml: A mild but effective shampoo and a lightweight conditioner that work together to give fine, flat hair the appearance, texture, and behavior of naturally voluminous, thick hair.
  2. Full Thickening Cream 5ml: This styling cream is lightweight and partially conditions your hair, resulting in long-lasting thickness that feels wonderfully touchable.
  3. Full Dry Volume Blast 95ml: Introducing a styling spray that instantly adds volume and texture to dry hair, creating a light and airy feel. Achieve big and long-lasting results with ease.


Start by using full shampoo and conditioner for a thorough cleanse and conditioning. After washing, apply the full thickening cream to damp hair and use a blow dryer to style. For those wanting extra volume, apply the full dry volume blast to dry hair. Remember to give the can a good shake before each spray.