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Kenra Volumizing Conditioner 30ML

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Create body, bounce, and fullness by adding lift at the root!


WHAT IT IS: Kenra Volumizing Conditioner is perfect for all hair types, as it increases volume by up to 30%! This pH-balancing system is specially designed to match the pH of your hair, sebum, and scalp. It works wonders by lifting at the root and encouraging supple growth.


HOW TO APPLY: After washing your hair with Kenra Volumizing Shampoo, gently massage this product into your hair to remove excess moisture. Then, make sure to rinse thoroughly.



  • Creates body, bounce & fullness for fine, lifeless hair.
  • Increase volume by 30%.
  • Extends lift from stylers by up to 155%.
  • pH-balancing system to lift at the root & encourage supply growth.