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GLAZED- Smooth Operator- 200ml- EXCLUSIVE

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Pre-shave scrub formulated with nourishing ingredients to clear up dead skin cells, unclog hair follicles and clear pores for a smooth ingrown-free shave.


WHAT IT IS: If you're looking to take your shave to the next level, adding a pre-shave scrub to your routine will help you get the closest and smoothest finish.


HOW TO APPLY: In the shower, apply in a circular motion onto damp skin anywhere hair meets skin.



  • Vitamin E: Deeply softens and hydrates the skin. 
  • Glycerin: A humectant, that allows the skin to retain moisture. It increases skin hydration and treats dryness.
  • Beeswax: Creates a protective layer on the skin. Beeswax is also a natural exfoliator that help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells.
  • Coconut Oil: Helps strengthen your skin's protective barrier layer, retains moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Keeps your skin cells healthy, makes your skin look smooth and soft. Also, heals chapped and irritated skin. Plus, the vitamin A can help reduce acne. 

IT WILL WORK BETTER IF: You use a good gel after scrubbing , it will help skin absorb all the benefits of your scrub.


FAQ: Can I use it if I’m not shaving? Of course, This exfoliator is perfect for all skin types and can be used in all cases whether shaving or not. 


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