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Fourth Ray Beauty Key Lime Lip Balm 3.5g

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Introducing the Fourth Ray Beauty Key Lime Lip Balm!


WHAT IT IS: Give your lips a zesty and ultra-soft pout with this all-vegan lip balm formula. Packed with nourishing ingredients like Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil, it provides essential moisture to dry and parched lips. But it's not just the fantastic formulation that makes this lip balm a must-have. The cute packaging is also recyclable, promoting sustainability and minimizing waste. When you're done with the product, simply remove any remaining balm, clean, and recycle! And let's not forget the super fresh pout you'll get. With its zesty key lime flavor, your lips will be transformed into a burst of citrusy goodness. Say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to hydrated, smooth lips with the Fourth Ray Beauty Key Lime Lip Balm. Get yours now and experience the ultimate lip-loving treat!


HOW TO APPLY: Gently glide the product back and forth on your lips, then remove any leftover excess.



  • Exfoliate lips for a super smooth, kissable pout with a vegan lip scrub formula infused with Sugar Crystals, Shea Butter, and vitamin E to buff and soften lips. Then moisturize and nourish an all-vegan balm formulated with Shea Butter and vitamin E onto lips for an ultra-soft, cushiony pout
  • The product comes in cute and eco-friendly packaging that promotes sustainability. After you're done, simply remove any remaining product, clean the packaging, and recycle it!