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Clinique All About Clean Foaming Cleanser 30 ML Travel Size

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Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser!


WHAT IT IS:  Get perfectly clean skin with Clinique's All About Clean™ Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser - a fun and gentle mousse that washes away makeup and pollutants. This purifying cleanser is perfect for oily skin, transforming into a rich foam that quickly and effectively removes dirt, excess oil, long-lasting makeup, and even sunscreen. Don't worry about drying or stripping your skin, this non-drying, non-stripping cleanser leaves your oily skin feeling fresh and clean.


HOW TO APPLY:  Get your lather on by rubbing between your hands with warm water. Gently massage onto damp skin, steer clear of the peepers. Rinse away and then use your Clinique Clarifying Lotion to prep for flawless, glowing skin.


KEY BENEFITS: Looking for a cleanser that won't dry out your skin or leave it feeling stripped? Look no further! The Clinique All About Clean Foaming Cleanser (30 ML Travel Size) is here to save the day! Non-drying and non-stripping, this cleanser will leave your skin feeling refreshed and purified.