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Welcome to this new go-to cleanser: CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT CLEAN 30 ML.


WHAT IT IS: This facial cleanser is designed to be gentle, soft and non-drying for skin. It quickly removes dirt, excess oil and makeup, while protecting your skin’s natural moisture balance. The quick-rinsing formula leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without the need for harsh scrubbing. Enjoy healthy and glowing skin with CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT CLEAN 30 ML - it’s the perfect choice for your daily facial cleansing routine.


HOW TO APPLY: Use twice a day, morning and night. Lather between palms with lukewarm water. Massage over makeup-free face and neck. Rinse thoroughly; pat skin dry.



  • A gentle, non-drying lather is effective in loosening surface flakes, eliminating dirt and debris, and maintaining your skin's hydration levels.
  • Rinsing the skin with this formula leaves it feeling clean, comfortable, and rejuvenated without ever becoming tight or dry.
  • Prepare the skin to be exfoliated