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Its Skin Blueberry Moisture & Vitality Mask Sheet

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Experience the rejuvenating power of It'S Skin Blueberry Moisture & Vitality Mask Sheet for all skin types. Moisturize deeply and promote healthy cell turnover for brighter, healthier skin.


WHAT IT IS: This Blueberry Moisture & Vitality Mask Sheet by Its Skin encourages cell turnover and deeply hydrates while improving firmness. The carefully selected Blueberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry Extracts nourish and strengthen even the most sensitive skin, providing deep soothing. This mask also helps balance the skin, restoring its natural flexibility and preventing damage from free radicals. The unique multi-pore fabric allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin, protecting it from harmful free radicals and promoting natural collagen production. Regular use yields powerful antioxidant benefits, removing toxins and revitalizing the skin.


HOW TO APPLY: Indulge in the nourishing effects of It's Skin Blueberry Moisture & Vitality Mask Sheet. Simply apply to your pre-cleansed and toned face, and relax for 15-20 minutes as the mask's essence is absorbed by your skin. Avoid contact with eyes and gently remove the dried mask without rinsing for radiant and rejuvenated skin!


KEY BENEFITS: This mask sheet nourishes and fortifies delicate skin cells, shielding them from damaging free radicals.