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Dare to defy your lashes' limits with BENEFIT THEY ARE REAL MAGNET MASCARA!


WHAT IT IS: Welcome to BENEFIT THEY ARE REAL MAGNET MASCARA, your go-to mascara for extreme length and powerful lift! This innovative formula combines a 36-hour lengthening mascara with a magnetic force that draws out lashes more than ever before. Your eyelashes will look 40% longer, thanks to the Extender Brush and its magnetically charged core. The custom-designed ZigZag bristles fan out, separate, and define lashes for a look that's just beyond belief. 


HOW TO APPLY: Gently shake your wand from the roots of your lashes up to the tips. Continue applying successive layers for extra length and a strong lift.



  • Mascara with a magnetic power that extends for 36 hours.
  • Easily built with a lightweight and flexible design.
  • Creates lashes of EXTREME LENGTH, increasing their appearance by 40%.