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Keep your skin looking its best with the Beekman Buttermilk Cleansing Balm!


WHAT IT IS: Welcome to the Beekman Buttermilk Cleansing Balm! This nourishing balm is specially formulated with natural plant waxes that can easily melt away dirt and grime. Sunflower Butter helps deeply nourish and balance all skin types, while a nutrient-rich blend of goat milk prebiotic and postbiotic extracts help keep the skin healthy and hydrated. With one quick and easy rinse, the balm will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.



 1. Begin with skin that is not moist. Unscrew the lid of the jar that looks like a small milk container, and use the yellow spreader to get some of the material inside.

2. Massage Buttermilk gently onto your face and eyes with your dry fingertips.

3. Mix the product with water, then clean it off with lukewarm water and pat or use a damp cloth to dry the area.

This product is perfect for use each night on dry skin to effortlessly remove makeup, making it suitable for all skin types.



  • Cleanse your microbiome without disruption
  • Provides deep nourishment