Top Picks For Christmas Gifting

The Box Company’s Top Picks For Christmas Gifting

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas is falling at the square.


The excitement of Christmas is all around with the approach of December. The best part is Christmas's shining lights, decor, food, and gifts. It always creates significant fledge confusion to look for assistance.

Many things in life are not sure, but postponing Christmas shopping till the last minute is. Gifting makeup is a great way to make adulting easier (or to speed up that emergency trip to the store).

If the recipient enjoys cosmetics, a beauty box makes a wonderful Christmas present. Additionally, it will be appreciated if you choose the cosmetics for the present box.

Get started with the following blog to find out The Box Company’s top picks of the best products for glowing skin that can be a perfect way to present your loved ones this Christmas.

About The Beauty Subscription Box

A beauty subscription box is a fairly priced box that includes skincare-specific beauty and cosmetic goods. Due to their doorstep delivery and aggregation of top-notch products inside a box, these boxes are incredibly advantageous.

You probably change the products in your beauty routine on an annual basis to keep your skin healthy. But think about subscribing to a beauty subscription box if you want to be more daring with your product selections.

So here we are with the perfect gifting season to make your loved ones happy with the skin delights, which are the boxes you can look into.

  1. The Standard box
  2. The Princess box
  3. The Sassy box

The Standard Box


The standard box, as the name suggests, looks into the bare beauty essentials. The beauty box is packed with products for skincare. These products are donned in with natural products added for nature’s touch and skincare in advance.

This subscription is excellent for people who want to carry around full-sized cosmetics in their luggage. The following are the products that can be found inside the box.

  • Luna Emollient Cocoa Butter (Hand and Body 300gm)
  • Garnier SkinActive (vitamin C SCRUB)(150ml)
  • Rimmel Pink Nail Polish
  • Luna Lip Moisturizer (Vanilla)
  • Garnier SkinActive (Tissue Mask Pure Charcoal )
  • Disaar Beauty Skincare (vitamin C Whitening Face Mask ) Sheet
The Standard Box


The Princess Box


Designed with an extraordinary product design, all goes as the princess box. You are set to gift your princess the perfect gift they quill love to have. For those who wish to experience the products the company has to offer, this is ideal. 

This is especially beneficial for those who are ready to commit to the big thing and are sick of using trial sizes. The princess box contains f the following products.

  • Garnier vitamin C Gel Wash
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
  • Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara ( Waterproof )
  • Therapy Electric Cleansing Face Washer

The Princess Box

The Sassy Box

To spill the sass around, we have the sassy box out. With the goodness of beauty products designed for the skin, the box is all you need to have. The sassy box is a collection of crafted products for
makeup and skincare. Here are the following products that are available in the box inside.

  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 100ml
  • Maybelline Sky High Mascara (Lash Sensa Tional 7.2ML) Waterproof
  • Essence The BROWN Edition Eyeshadow Palette
  • Vichy Phytosolution Intensive Purifying Gel 200ml
  • Garnier SkinActive (Tissue Mask Pure Charcoal)
  • Garnier Face Mask Hydra Bomb- Green Tea + Hyaluronic Acid

The Sassy Box

Gifting That Matters

With makeup and skincare products in Egypt, gifting has become really simple. In case heading towards natural skincare is always a top priority to follow. Getting a subscription to a beauty box has many benefits. Instead of buying brand-new, full-size beauty products from cosmetic stores, subscribers can save more money. 


Additionally, customers can test out novel products to determine which ones are appropriate for their requirements and benefit from impending sales from well-known companies. With the help of The Box Company's beauty boxes, it is even feasible to import the greatest natural skin care products into Egypt. Producers of skincare and cosmetics use beauty boxes to attract more customers and increase sales for their companies.


We're most enthused about beauty gifts this holiday season, from everything to get for the one-year-old in your life to gifts for your lover.


There's something special about unwrapping a high-quality skin care kit that your gifts wouldn't ordinarily buy for themselves or taking a newly minted beauty subscription box out of its packaging.