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Lancôme  Mini 4 Travel Size Mascara Wardrobe Set

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Make your beauty routine easier and get four amazing mascaras with the Lancôme Mini Mascara Wardrobe Set!


WHAT IT IS: Introducing the perfect mascara set for the beauty enthusiast. The Lancôme Mini Mascara Wardrobe Set is the perfect way to treat your lashes to a luxurious treat. This set contains four of Lancôme’s bestselling mascaras, in convenient travel-size packaging. Plus, you get the CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base to prime and condition your lashes, and boost your mascara’s effect. Get twelve times more volume and longer, more natural-looking, defined lashes with this set. 



  1. Beginning with the roots of the lashes, move the brush in an up-and-down motion up to the tips.
  2. Repeat in order to construct.
  3. Do not vigorously agitate the brush inside the mascara container as this introduces air that can cause it to dry out faster.
  4. Allow mascara to dry completely between applications to avoid clumping.