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Introducing the Shea Butter Set Trio from The Body Shop!


WHAT IT IS: This moisturizer is perfect for those with dry skin, providing an indulgent treat that will love your unique body from head to toe. But this gift set isn't just about loving your body; it's also about supporting our Community Fair Trade partners in Ghana who helped us create this nourishing product. Our team believes in using eco-friendly and ethical ingredients, making this body butter a guilt-free treat for your skin. Each set includes three 50ml body butter, all made with handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter. This luxurious butter is traditionally extracted by the women of the Tamale region, giving them independence and financial stability. By purchasing this set, you are contributing to a positive change in their lives, while also experiencing the nourishing benefits of shea butter on your skin. The Shea Butter Set Trio is the perfect gift for anyone who loves all-natural, ethical, and high-quality skin care products, so indulge in the luscious goodness today!



  • Shea Body Butter 50ml
  • Strawberry Body Butter 50ml
  • British Rose Body Butter 50ml



Shea Body Butter 50ml: Experience unparalleled protection and nourishment for extremely dry skin with our newly enhanced Shea Body Butter.

Strawberry Body Butter 50ml: This body butter is packed with nourishing benefits and can lock in moisture for up to 48 hours. Its key ingredient is sustainably-sourced strawberry seed oil, which is combined with the Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana. Together, they create a hydrating formula that smells like sweet, juicy strawberries. Feel transported to the carefree days of summer with this fruity body butter.


British Rose Body Butter 50ml: Our latest British Rose Body Butter is designed to pamper and take care of your body unlike ever before. It comprises 96% natural ingredients, consisting of handpicked English rose extract, Shea butter sourced from Community Fair Trade in Ghana, and sesame seed oil obtained from Community Fair Trade in Nicaragua. By using our moisturizer regularly, your skin can experience 96 hours of deep nourishment, resulting in a smoother and softer look as well as imparting a healthy, natural glow.