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Make your bedtime beauty routine extra special with SEPHORA’S HOLIDAY VIBES Skin Care Kit. 


WHAT IT IS: Welcome to the SEPHORA HOLIDAY VIBES Skin Care Kit, your ticket to the perfect night’s beauty sleep. This set of amazing skincare essentials is your key to visibly more beautiful lips and hair every morning. With a nourishing lip mask, a hair sleeping mask, and a sleep mask to block out any light, you’ll get the most out of your nightly beauty rest. Wake up feeling more refreshed, renewed, and beautiful than ever before!



  • A lip mask that provides nourishment and relief from tightness in the lips.
  • A hair mask that gives you glossy &; silky hair when you get out of bed.
  • A sleep mask that blocks out any light and provides ultimate comfort while you rest.


Grapefruit hair sleeping mask:

  1. Prior to turning in for the night, apply the cream hair mask to the entirety of your dry locks, paying special attention to the tips. 
  2. Cover your hair with a cap and let it sit overnight.
  3.  Before bed, give your lips a thorough rinse and wash them, if needed. Then apply the Vanilla lip sleeping mask and leave it on overnight. There's no need to rinse it off in the morning.