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Pixi Peel & Polish Mask 15ML

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This mask reveals the radiance with its enzyme peel, giving you a smooth and soft complexion and a vibrant glow!


WHAT IT IS: Get ready for some seriously smooth, soft, and glowing skin with Pixi Peel & Polish Mask 15ML. This unique peel uses enzymes to reveal your radiance and give you a healthy, glowing look. You'll be feeling like a true radiant queen in no time!


HOW TO APPLY:  Pop on your face and neck, either in the morning or evening, 2-3 times weekly. Smoothly spread it onto your dry skin, covering your face and neck. Let the enzymes work their magic for 2 minutes. Rinse off and gently pat dry. For an extra polish, use your fingertips to massage in a circular motion.


KEY BENEFITS: Unleash the power of Natural Fruit Enzymes to loosen dead skin cells, while Lactic Acid exfoliates gently. Cellulose peels and Sugar Extracts leave your skin polished and dullness-free, for a brighter complexion. Plus, you can enjoy a professional salon peel treatment right at home!