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Nivea sun intense bronze tan oil 200 ml

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Long-lasting tan!


WHAT IT IS: NIVEA SUN Intense Bronze Oil Spray promotes a golden, intense, and long-lasting tan. It also protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays and sunburn. Furthermore, the formula with Carotene extract and Vitamin E leaves skin feeling smooth and silky. The formula is water-resistant and does not self-tan.



  • Avoid spraying directly on the face and avoid 
  • Apply liberally before going out in the sun and reapply frequently, especially after swimming.
  • Allow complete absorption and avoid direct contact with textiles and hard surfaces to avoid staining.


  • UV protection system against UVA and UVB rays, as well as sunburns. Water repellent.
  • Intense Tan - Aids in the rapid development of a beautiful golden and long-lasting tan. No self-tanning
  • Silky skin - Carotene extract and Vitamin E in the formula.
  • The formula is environmentally friendly because it is free of UV filters Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. The bottle that is 95% recycled