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WHAT IT IS: Get ready to bring the whole crew with this mini-sized Milk Makeup favorites. This face set is perfect for those who love to experiment with their makeup game. Achieve the most flawless looks with the KUSH Liquid Eyeliner. Its waterproof felt tip and conditioning formula, enriched with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, ensure up to 12 hours of wear. Prep your skin with the Hydro Grip Primer, a silicone-free gel primer that keeps your makeup in place for up to 12 hours, while providing a hydrating effect. For voluminous lashes, the KUSH High Volume Mascara is your go-to. Its unique formula, infused with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, results in lashes that reach sky high. Tame and shape your brows like a pro with the KUSH Clear Brow Gel, formulated with the same nourishing cannabis seed oil. Say goodbye to dull skin with the Watermelon Brightening Serum, a hydrating powerhouse that visibly brightens your complexion. And lastly, the Vegan Milk Moisturizer, a fragrance and silicone-free daily moisturizer that nourishes your skin with a special blend of vegan milks. Get your MILK HERE FOR THE PARTY BEAUTY SET now and be the life of the makeup party!



  •  KUSH Liquid Eyeliner in Loud: The Milk Makeup Kush Liquid Eyeliner Loud is a high-performance liquid eyeliner that offers long-lasting wear and water resistance. It delivers vibrant color with excellent precision for a flawless application. Infused with cannabis oil derived from hemp, it also nourishes and cares for the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  •  Hydro Grip Primer: Experience skin-transforming with Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip Primer. This liquid primer has a refreshing green tint and is packed with nourishing oils, soothing aloe water, cherry blossom, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and rejuvenating B vitamins. It provides intense hydration for a smooth complexion. The game-changing blue agave extract forms an invisible layer to ensure your makeup stays in place all day. In a consumer study, 100% of participants reported improved skin hydration, a radiant glow, and extended makeup longevity for up to 12 hours. Let the formula absorb for a minute, then proceed with your regular makeup routine for a flawless and long-lasting look.
  • KUSH High Volume Mascara in Boom (blackest black): In search of a binding component that is completely vegan, the brand disregarded the popular use of beeswax and opted for plant-based oil instead. The vegan star ingredient moisturizes and secures eyebrow hairs without causing flakiness or stiffness. Aloe and cucumber extracts further enhance the gel's hydrating abilities, making the hair softer and healthier-looking. The tapered brush ensures an even distribution of the product on all brow hairs, while also shaping them. This vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free gel is long lasting and flexible, providing a stronghold throughout the day without causing skin cracking or dryness.
  • Watermelon Brightening Serum: This fruit-infused formula enhances radiance with a swift application of the convenient twist-up stick, just like biting into a refreshing slice of watermelon on a summer day. By combining moisture-boosting watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid, it provides a surge of hydration to dehydrated skin. Additionally, Swiss garden cress sprout extract gradually evens out uneven skin tone. This serum is cleverly designed in Milk Makeup's beloved leak-proof stick format, making it perfect for on-the-go use. The stick-to-skin application method helps prevent wastage, ensuring that your face, not your palms, will benefit from its results.
  •  Vegan Milk Moisturizer:Milk Makeup is known for its ethical values and commitment to high-quality ingredients. Their cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan formulas have gained recognition. The Vegan Milk Moisturizer is their latest product, a luxurious daily moisturizer formulated with vegan milks like fig, oat, and argan. It instantly hydrates dry skin with its milky, non-greasy formula that's easily absorbed, leaving your skin nourished all day.