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KIKO Unmeasurable Length Fibers Mascara

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This KIKO Unmeasurable Length Fibers Mascara is the perfect way to get the lashes of your dreams!


WHAT IT IS: With a lengthening-effect formula that makes it easy to achieve extra-long, full, and fluttery lashes, KIKO's mascara is just what you need. Its soft, fluid texture ensures easy, seamless application with no clumps, so your lashes stay looking natural, no matter how much you apply. Plus, it's buildable, so you can create any look you desire. Shop now and get gorgeous, long lashes that are sure to turn heads.


HOW TO APPLY: Using small horizontal zigzag movements, glide the mascara brush along your lashes to get the desired volumizing effect.



  • Eyelashes are heightened to give a dramatic 'expansion' result through a special composition of triangular fibers that are sourced from corn.
  • The product has a creamy texture due to its mixture of flower waxes, which also helps protect the lashes.
  • KIKO's three-sphere brush is uniquely crafted with various types of fibers; the center is crafted with softer fibers for an ideal distribution, while the pointed tip is made of firmer fibers for precise definition on shorter lashes.
  • The eye-catching design of the new packaging makes it perfect for carrying wherever you go. Its flashy silver exterior evokes the luxuriousness of expensive metals. It is a high-performance product capable of enhancing beauty.