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Looking for a deep-cleansing and refreshing way to exfoliate and clear your skin? Look no further than the INNISFREE PORE CLEANSING CLAY MASK!


WHAT IT IS: Formulated with Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters™ and AHA, this creamy clay mask draws impurities out of your pores, leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft, and refreshed. Not only does the INNISFREE mask deeply cleanse and exfoliate, it also helps to purify and rebalance your skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthy, hydrated, and revitalized. Perfect for anyone looking for a natural and gentle way to improve the look and feel of their skin, this mask is a must-have for any skincare routine. So why wait? Try the INNISFREE PORE CLEANSING CLAY MASK today and experience the benefits of deep-cleansing, pore-clearing, and exfoliating for yourself - your skin will thank you!



  1. It is recommended to use it once or twice a week.
  2. Gently apply the product onto your skin after cleansing and drying, making sure to steer clear of the delicate eye and lip regions.
  3. Allow the product to remain on your skin for approximately 15-20 minutes or until it dries.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.