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Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream Fenty Glow

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Introducing FENTY HEAT Lip Gloss in the shade FENTY GLOW!


WHAT IT IS: Get ready to give your lips an Instant Plump Job with Gloss Bomb Heat. This lip gloss is a must-have for any lip lover. With its innovative Plump Job Complex, it not only delivers a hint of tint but also gives your lips a fuller-looking effect. We know you already love the O.G. Gloss Bomb, but this new formula takes it up a notch--it's a few degrees hotter! The Gloss Bomb Heat will become your go-to lip luminizer and plumper hybrid. So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate lip gloss experience. FENTY HEAT Lip Gloss in FENTY GLOW will leave your lips looking irresistibly plump and radiant. Grab yours today and get ready to turn up the heat on your lip game!


HOW TO APPLY: You can apply Gloss Bomb Heat on its own or use it as a top layer with lipstick. If irritation occurs, please stop using this product.



  • Immediate enhancement of volume and fullness.
  • This product is a hint-of-tint color that can be applied on its own or layered over lipstick for added effect.
  • Introducing the Plump Job Complex, a unique combination of ginger root oil and capsicum fruit extract (pepper), designed to delicately stimulate and enhance the volume of your lips.
  • Experience the luxurious and silky texture of this product, complemented by a subtle touch of tint that provides a comfortable and nourishing sensation.
  • conditioning shea butter and Vitamin E to help lock in moisture.
  • Intense wet-look shine.
  • Light peach scent.