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EYENLIP SACHET ( Pelling Gel )

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Let us take care of your skin today - try EYENLIP SACHET for unbeatable results!


WHAT IT IS: Make your skin look and feel smooth and refreshed with EYENLIP SACHET (Pelling Gel)! Our product is designed to target impurities and deposits from your skin, while gently and effectively removing dead skin. Massaging the gel onto your skin will help to minimize pores and prevent them from becoming clogged. In turn, this helps to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth. With EYENLIP SACHET, taking care of your skin has never been easier. 


HOW TO APPLY: After washing your face, use the appropriate amount of product and gently massage it onto your face (except for the eye and mouth area) until you remove the dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water afterwards.



  • This product is designed with cellulose particles that help to slough away dead cells and leave your skin feeling softer.
  • Extracts from apples, grapes, and lemons that are rich in beneficial vitamins.