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Trace Brush Cleaner

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Take the hassle out of cleaning your makeup tools with Trace Cosmetics Brush Cleaner!


WHAT IT IS: This charcoal soap effortlessly and quickly cleans your makeup brushes and sponges, leaving them squeaky clean, and super soft. The unique silicone pad also helps to efficiently remove makeup residue as you cleanse your makeup tools. Not only will this brush cleaner make your brushes seem good as new, but it will also help prolong their longevity! Make sure you add Trace Brush Cleaner to your beauty tool kit for effortless makeup cleanup.



  1. Prepare your brush by wetting its bristles in lukewarm or tepid water.
  2. Place it on the Brush Cleaner and massage it lightly against the silicone pad.
  3.  Remove the brush and rinse the bristles, then dry them off with a clean towel.
  4. After reshaping the head, lay the brush flat on a towel to dry overnight.
  5. Make sure to rinse the Brush Cleaner and allow it to dry before storing it away.