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Bioderma- Photoderm MAX Milk SPF 100- 100ML

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Photoderm Max Milk SPF100 is a sunscreen that guarantees optimum UVA/UVB protection for skin subjected to maximum sun intensity.


WHAT IT IS: MAXIMUM photoprotection milk. Activates the skin's natural defenses.


HOW TO APPLY: Before applying makeup and exposing your skin to the sun, you may apply a medium layer of Bioderma Photoderm Max Milk SPF 100. Sunscreen must be reapplied every 2 hours. 


KEY BENEFITS:  Protects cells from the effects of UV active defenses by stimulating the skin and preserving its integrity. Also, it offers optimum UVA/UVB protection.


IT WILL WORK BETTER IF: Apply the right amount of Sunscreen to get the benefit out of it. Two finger length of sunscreen strips is enough amount to cover your face.


FAQ: How to use Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 100?

Apply it at least 15 minutes before sun exposure; reapply every at least 2 hours. Don't forget to reapply it after swimming or sweating.