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Anastasia Beverly Hills Melt-Proof Brow Kit

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Get them now and make sure you have the perfect brows for any occasion!


WHAT IT IS: Enhance your brows in the best way possible with the limited-edition Anastasia Beverly Hills Melt-Proof Brow Kit! This set includes three must-have ABH products, including a full-size DIPBROW Pomade, full-size DIPBROW Gel, and a Brush 12 – all of which you need to achieve dramatically defined to fully feathered brow looks.



  1. Comb your brow hairs upward using the spoolie end of Brush 12. To apply DIPBROW Pomade start by taking a small amount off the cap and using a sweeping motion from side to side. It is important to note that the pomade is very concentrated, so you need only a tiny amount to achieve the desired effect. When applying, do so lightly.
  2. To create a dramatically defined brow, start by outlining the lower arch and lightly blending upward with a spoolie. Comb the hairs downward and outline the upper arch, and then blend again. Fill in the brow in the direction of the brow's natural growth and keep blending for a more natural look. Finally, use the remaining product on the brush to fill in the front end of the brow, creating a gradient effect.
  3. After preparing your brows, use a bit of DIPBROW Gel and brush it onto the area. The formula is highly concentrated, making it effective while using a small amount of product. Initially, start applying the gel from the arch of your brow, then extend it towards the tail. Fill in the front of your brows, stroking the brush in the same direction as your natural hair growth patterns.


DIPBROW Pomade: 

  • This item is designed to remain in excellent condition for a long time and has a quality that prevents smudges.
  • It is well-suited for creating or boosting the look of hair thickness because its fluffy texture closely resembles genuine strands.
  • It can be utilized for multiple purposes, ranging from thick borders to making thin, feathery strokes.
  • Allows time for blending before drying to a matte finish



  • This formula is simple to apply and builds up brows with coverage, definition, and volume.
  • Produces a look of natural depth and volume
  • The finish that is created is natural-looking and matte and will remain in place.
  • It can function for up to 12 hours.

Brush 12: 

  • Clusters of closely placed fibers create a fluid adaption of the product, helping you easily replicate natural-looking hair strokes.
  • The spoolie brush tip helps the product to be blended for a perfect look.
  • Cruelty-free